The Limits of Efficient Computation

Prof. Scott Aaronson gave a profound, entertaining and accessible introduction to the fundamental limitations of classical Turing Machine and Quantum computing. As part of the Paul Bernays Lectures series, Prof. Aaronson held three lectures on The Church-Turing Thesis and Physics, The Limits of Efficient Computation and The Quest for Quantum Computational Supremacy, which were recorded and available via the link above. If you are interested in foundations and applications of computing, I strongly recommend watching these and other lectures of the Paul Bernays series (

Paul Isaac Bernays (17 October 1888 – 18 September 1977) was a Swiss mathematician, who made significant contributions to mathematical logic, axiomatic set theory and the philosophy of mathematics. He was an assistant and close collaborator of David Hilbert. In recognition of his work, the ETH Zurich started the lecture series in 2012.

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