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Some things never change. In ancient Greek mythology, the Argonauts sailed through dangerous waters and returned safely with the trophy in hand. Teamwork, determination, a clear objective and skillful diligence are the keys to success now, as they were back then.

Discovery Workshop

A one-day interactive workshop with client’s key representatives. The goal of the workshop is to have a high-level discussion about objectives, business models, success measurements, competitive positioning, key stakeholders, deliverables, milestones and next steps. The workshop takes place on the client’s premises.


Based on the findings of the Discovery Workshop, we’ll develop a high level proposal, including scope, estimated cost, timeline, rules of engagement, deliverables, project organization and staffing.


The contractual agreement will be developed based on the agreed and finalized proposal. Due to the agile nature of the projects the contract is usually on a time & material basis.

Project Planning

Depending on the size of the project, the planning will be divided into phases and may include a ‘Proof of Concept’. One of the key deliverables is the agreed ‘Minimum Viable Product’.

Develop Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The Minimum Viable Product will be developed based on the agreed scope, applying an interactive and agile approach. This phase will also serve as a platform for on-the-job knowledge transfer and enable the client for future developments without external support.

Acceptance and Handover

Formal acceptance and handover to operation.

«The only coursing ship that ever passed this way was Argo…»

Homer, Odyssee
Canto 12, 69-72

Services & Products

We provide services in the area of Consulting & Coaching, Project & Program Lead, Interims Management and Start-up Support. Our core competency is the combination of risk management expertise with practical experience in the successful delivery of advanced techniques and technology.

Together with our clients from different industries we create innovative digital business solutions.


We focus on insurance, corporate risk management, captive management, brokerage, and international program business. Our key markets are Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom and North America.


We work together with a network of trusted partners which have been selected to ensure a successful delivery. These include experts from insurance, information technology, legal & compliance, marketing, communications, risk engineering and academic institutions.

CEO, André Guyer

André Guyer has gained many years of experience in information technology, financial and consulting industries, with a strong focus on business transformation, change management and global program management in the digital B2B space. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Zurich and is a regular speaker at academic or industry conferences, workshops and seminars. Click here to set-up an online appointment.

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COO, Lukas Stricker

Lukas Stricker has a proven track record in building up global operations, managing international teams to high performance and through challenging transformations. In his career, he developed extensive experience in business transformation driven by the needs of the market and the opportunities that new technologies unfold. His focus over the last ten years was on developing a leading international insurance network and getting the corporate insurance business on the path of digitalisation. Lukas holds a Master of Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH. Click here to set-up an online appointment.

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Open Positions

Open positions

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